Friday, March 27, 2015

Sketchweek 5

Welcome back, I am home from a 1 day train travel to a small city near cologne and I am finally getting rid of a pesky cold i was fighting with over the last week.

This weeks sketches:

This first character started as a fanart to Blizzards "Overwatch". I like the Gorilla character, simply because I like animals ;) But I wasnt in the mood to just paint the existing character and therefore I changed the plan a bit and created another monkey character concept. Only rule was that he has to look good enough to be part of the game.

I used this to mix last weeks lineart practice with an easy color method.

Light ond geometrical forms, from a 3d render ref.

Speheres and quick tests about values and edges.

Its about time I start practicing landscapes

Scenery/mood board - Why are forests so hard to paint?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sketchweek 4

And another week worth of sketches.
My goal is to get more routine into my work flow and practice rendering soft gradient and edges, as that feels as if its still a problem to me.
My faces are becoming better, but I will keep painting them.

Faces from photo refs, but abstracted a bit in terms of shape and colour.

My comfort zone

Trying a more realistic light... but halfway through I changed my mind and now its stuck in between. ^^

More characters, the one in the bottom left is a take on the Hellion from Darkest Dungeon.

This was difficult and showed me, that I have to practice the neck and how it sits on the body.

Focus on the flow and body movement.

More faces, trying to do it faster.

And another study, controlling soft edges will be another topic.

And more characters.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sketchweek 3

To further push myself I started last week to take part in the 21days art challenge. Although I dont plan on stopping after that time period.

So here a good bunch of sketches.

A photo study, going for a slightly better understanding of muscles.

A Shyvana skin idea


Art study

A study of an oil painting

Study from, same with the ones below

More faces

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sketchweek 2

Hello and welcome back for another sketchweek.
I made quite a lot of drawings, but most of them are quick sketches and studys. While they helped me a lot, I dont expect you to find them particularly interesting.

I hope you still like them

Friday, February 20, 2015

Daily sketches

Hello everyone,
today I want to share some of my daily sketches that I am trying to do more regularly then usual.
First week so far and I only removed one piece as I didnt like how it turned out.

Have fun, more to come next week.

I like minotaurs


Ms Marvel


Legolas/ Arragorn mix


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fun Park - app illustrations

Hello my dear readers,

today I can present to you some works I did for the game/story app "Fun park".
Its a new concept to control and combine a traditional train toy with a modern app to tell a story and control the trains. It was a great job and a lot of fun to work together with the team.

The company who made this is Roco/ Next generation:

My works for the app consist of characters and backgrounds as well as prints. Those prints are available as linearts to colour yourself or precoloured, followed by cutting, glueing and combining with the toy itself.

Those are available as a download on the homepage:

Here are some of the backgrounds, but not all, as well as most of the characters and some of the emotes available.

Have fun and happy holidays to you all.

A cardgame, fitting one of the park attractions

The first row of characters, to the left Mark, our main character, followed by some members of the Park's staff.

The 2 greedy businessmen and the journalist, who gets sick after a ride in the ghost house.

The director with some emotes.

The gentle giant Ralf and a family visiting the park.

A federal investigator, Nermin and her son Ibo as well as a truck driver.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hearthstone contest - Gnomes and Goblins

A fictional Hearthstone card I made for the contest on Deviant art.
This was a lot of fun to do and I hope you like it.

Annoy-O-Bot [Mech]
1Mana cost

Activates all enrage effects on the battle field once without damaging them.

Lore: The gnomes always had construction plans for an Annoy-O-Bot, but only one gnome was crazy enough to actually build one.