Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shaun Tan

It's strange, for 4 years of studying I didnt paint that much like I did, since I finnished it. XD
Digital painting was my field of work and now after so long I find out that I am way better with watercolors. ^^

Yesterday I had a coffee in the city and visited a nice little bookstore, where I looked into the works of Shaun Tan. Good God, that guy does some crazy stuff. Sometimes a little too much to call it a children's book. So much thought about layout, montage, typo and everything. And at the same time his pics look so great. ... Maybe i could do that too If I had oils and a canvas of 1m+ in size XD Not to mention a good cam, because scanning those things should be kinda' impossible.

I went home, filled up with creativity and started a tribute piece to Shan Tan, way smaller and in watercolors. This is what came out. (I really like this)


Shaun Tan:

(Picture linked from his homepage)

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