Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Fantasy

Hi there,
like I said, the RPC in cologne is near, so I am working on some more fantasy stuff recently.
I hope to do some colorpieces as well... at least some small ones.

Here are 2 ideas: A forest troll and a moor witch.

The troll was more painterly with a graphite pen and could use more refinement.^^ The witch piece focusses on the lineart. I used a blue crayon for the sketching (which you can barely see on the photo) and refined it with a regular pencil. Both are DINA3 in size.

And I got some refs for the persons this time *hurray*. For the woman I used posemaniacs, while I posed for the other 2 myself. I put a pillow on my bag and threw a big towel over it to get the hunch. That was quite fun.

The witch has mushrooms on her back, which create a fog, that makes people fall asleep. The hero stand above that on a rock or dead tree.

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