Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eowyn and the Nazgul

Getting started with a new project. Some random scribbles for the start. I filled a couple of papers with thumbnails and therer are some interesting ones in them, but there was always the problem, that only one part of the picture was good. Like a really cool pose for the Nazgul and his beast, but no really good place for Eowyn.

At first I wanted to go with the 2nd piece above. But I just could make clear how the fellbeast would fit in there. It just made no sense. And I missed some depth. I wanted parts of the Witchking to overlap with Eowyn, but when I moved him close enough it looked like he was 3m tall or already stepped by her sword.

So I decided to do one step back and start again. I made a thumbnail that I liked which suggested more distance to the viewer and a more readable situation. The 3rd picture above is the result so far. (DINA3)

I will take this to painter and do some color tests.

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