Monday, May 2, 2011

First time acrylics

I just started with acrylics. Its really interesting to start painting without lines and focussing way more on the shapes, volumes and how to bring that form on paper without outlines.
Basically I wanted to work from dark to light values, because my pencil works usually remain with too much white them.

So I am curious where this might go to.


The lower one is the finnished piece: I am pretty happy with it. While painting it, the thing I was most worried about was the armor and the metal reflections, but that went kinda smooth. On the other hand, doing really soft gradients seems kinda tricky, because Acryl - mixed with water - acts a little different than aquarell. Acrylics seems to form some random color blops that dont look so good. So at the end, the background was the most tricky thing. ^^

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