Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rift Colossus

For the RIFT MMO game. Designing a colossus.
I decided for the "life" element, it appeared to be the most non stereotypical.

I could have made a high quality picture of the boss in a battlescene, but I went for a charactershot, like for a typical concept art. The other two creatures are adds that are supposed to be summoned during the fight.

After some feedback I decided to give it another shot. The original version was not convincing enough and had too much different elements put together. Some people had problem with the skull as well, which usually reads more as symbol of death than life. Though I still like the feeling it gives of.

The lower sketches are what came out in round nr2:
The Overmother - More focussed on the life giving part. Froglike with a lot of eggs.

Another forest centaur try - This one has more of life power, looking like a lion, a king, and really strong and powerful.

I started with the lion concept, but after a couple of color-trys and paint overs I started to seriously doubt if the design worked. It looked good as a pencil drawing, but as so often, when you start doing it in colors and filling the shapes it starts to look wring in some places, which goes back on bad pencil habits.

So I tossed that away and focussed more on the other idea. This went really smooth, because I already had a color pallet in mind, so it was really easy to do. I just changed the head a couple of times. The other two pictures came afterwards. The worm was a spontaneous idea, I liked the sketch, and wanted to finnish it.
The fire colossus was tricky, my first idea was a dragon, but because dragons are usually something special in RPGs, I decided to better pick something else. In RIFT there are at least 5 big dragongs, one for each element-plane. After some scribbling and sketching I had the idea almost everybody who took part in this had: A rock-vulcano monster. Enough reason NOT to pick that one. ^^
After some brain-chilling I went back to the dragon idea, but in a different way. The colossus I made is more like an avatar of the real thing. The difficult thing in painting this was to get the shape of the head onto that flat circle. To solve this I made a small modell of the thing and it really helped a lot.

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