Friday, June 24, 2011

Concentrate !!!

My recent works for some trading cards made me realise that I need to concentrate way more when drawing and painting. And I need more structure and method in the process.

James Gurney has this little word link to remember:

Big Brushes
Large to small
Soften edges
Take your time

It pretty much covers up the basic things to remember while working, though I would personally add a couple of things in between.

- Scribble
- Do value and color thumbs
- Dont stay with 1 nice sketch - do more

-The lightest part in the shadow is still darker than the darkest part in the light.
To avoid any mixing, its good to work from dark to light. I think this is the most important rule for me, because a lot of my sketches are so messy that they dont obey this rule and as a result I have to clean it all up, better start over from the scratch and make a nice, clean and CORRECT start.
- Mirror your pictures, turn them around
- Check the saturation! - My works tend to be rather dull or grey which I have to always correct in the process... which sometimes results in the opposite and a color flash.
- Use different contrasts to get a focus point.

This was my first attempt on a more theoretical approach, I should do this more. It makes you realise what you need to do and where your problems are. In my case, I tend to rush too much.
Like when I have a nice sketch, start coloring and totally ignore that the basic proportions or the perspective are still off.

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