Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daily study

Well, maybe not daily, but as often as possible.
I want to practice faces a lot. And heres the start.

I thought this would be a rather easy piece, but no! As it appears its rather tricky, because of all the greyish skintones on the face. but I learned something nice about the light corona.
It appears that right next to a lightedge can be a shadowline - you can see that effect on the left side of her face. I would have never painted it like this.
Now I wonder, is that the core shadow? EDIT: No it isnt, after looking at it again, its just a shadow of the hair. --°

In the first stages her face felt really distorted and somehow wrong, a good sign that I need to get a way better feeling for faces. When I construct a head from mind it looks pretty stiff, edged and lame.

Ref from

EDIT: The 2nd one was done after a break and dinner. MAN, where was I looking? The ear was totally out of place, there was a lack of yellow ind the skin and too many dark tones.

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