Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to the face

Between the breaks from the modelling I went back to drawing faces. I tried to get a hold of everything I could find, Loomis, downloads from massive black, books, drawing selfportraits, drawing from mind, drawing with refs...

Here is the result of the work.

I started yesterday evening and stopped at this point, thinking it was not all right but ok. And after I came back from dinner and saw it again I was shocked. That looked like total crap!
So I started to work on it again, really concentrating to get it right. But to do so I had to find out what was wrong in the first place.

That was a hard process with a lot of redrawing, measuring and redrawing again.
There was so much wrong, the eyes were not on the same line, the contur of the head was wrong, the mouth was too far in the front, the nose was flat, the skull too big, the eyes too close to each other and too small and the ear was attached to some strange place at the back of the head... How could I ever be happy with that ???

Finally, that looks sooooo much better ! Now that I know where I have problems I can focus more on this parts while studying photos or real people.

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