Thursday, July 28, 2011

Character design - The scottish knight

A piece for my portfolio:
I picked a scottish knight (no celtic tribals and not a barbarian) and designed him for four different kind of genres: Realistical, for an action game (like god of war), asian stile (Aion, Final Fantasy) and Comic.

Realistic: Keep the proportions and the equipment close to the real thing, or at least close enough to be believable.

Action: Bigger than life is the guide for this one, taller and more muscles. On this one you can already go a little overboard with armors or weapons. Usually these character look grim, have small eyes, a big chin... stuff like that.

Asia: This one was surprisingly difficult to do, because the main goal for this genre is to look neat. Good looks are everything! Characters in these games can wear totally unnecessary or even useless stuff, as long as it looks good.

Comic: Feel free to deform your character, stylize him or whatever, as long as you can show the spirtit of your character.

It was fun to do and I think I will do more characters, maybe one for sci fi and a more present timed one.

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