Monday, July 11, 2011

The Loomi Method.

A full weekend of studying, scribbling and measuring heads.
Over the last 4 years I learned a lot of different ways, on how to approach the "head-problem".
Some are just slightly different from others and all these methods piled up on the desk in my brain until you cant find the basic paper anymore.

Thanks to a nice guy at I got to know the books of Andrew Loomis.
Free downloadable here:
"Fun with a Pencil" is a very nice one, but all the others are worth a look too.

Its like the big mountain of papers and ideas got trashed and set on fire while I am starting with just the basics again. Happily listening to the crispy sound of bruning confusion. ^^

Basically, the loomi method starts from a ball, and then adds pieces to it, like when you are modelling with clay. The more practice you get, the more smaller pieces you add and start thinking about the shapes in the head more like surfaces. I really like this.
Here is what I came up with over the last couple of days. I read the loomy book in the middle of the 2nd picture below.

Followed by a visit in the local art museum.
Making quick studies of the heads and shapes there.

By the way, Lenin seems to be the ultimate "evil professor villain". ^^

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