Thursday, July 14, 2011

More studies again

This one was just free from mind. Trying to construct the head and just blocking in the color and shape.

One try that went rather smooth:
I didnt watch for proportions or something, just the mood and light.
But I still had to use the color picker once on the leg, that strong color in the shadow affected by reflected light.

This one was focused on the soft edges and a good result in the overall.
Its amazing how some artists can do a believable and realistic looking face with ease. All this veeeeery soft edges and hard to note changes in value and color are giving me chills. Its so hard to do.
I tried to do this in one session and when I that it was good (picture nr5 in the collection) I put the photo over it to check why the face looked so strange. I was shocked to see that I was so far off. I made another picture row to show that one.

Pretty frustrating right now.

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