Thursday, July 7, 2011

Training !

I should rename it from daily studys to "studys when I dont have something more important to do" ^^ And I had some stuff to do. Which showed me that I need to practice way more.

Referring to my Concentrate! Post, my main problem right now seems to be a solid base.
I need to do less sketches and more defined drawing before going on. And after the color sketch, I will throw that aside and start the colors again right from the start, but cleaned out and organized.
I hope that this will help me.

The last days have been an up and down, emotionally. I dont feel like beeing where I want to be. I want to get better and I dont feel like I have a stile either.

So for now, I will start doing faces again. Colors, shadows and poses.
To say something positive: I AM getting better, but when I draw freely I am nowhere near a realistic anatomy. ^^

EDIT: Here are some different approaches on head construction and measuring.

And there is one mistake again, the eyes should be in the middle of the heads axis, in my drawings, I put them where the eyebrows should be. Result: The mouth-nose region was wrong too.

Result: Measuring from the axis, start with the middle as the eyeline, then go for the nose, mouth and chin. This only makes it a little vague to put the eyebrows correctly.


  1. Mmmmm, I kind of know what you mean about the neck, and yet I can't pin point it either! It could be that the left side is to straight or long. Try using a mirror and observing your own head at this tilt, you may spot something. If you've done it digitally you could always flip it horizontally and that might show something.

    You could always use his hair to soften his neck line. Keep it up though its looking good!

  2. Thanks, I removed the picture for now, because I realized that I have to train more and refresh my old studys. It gets lost so quickly when you dont practice it.

  3. Youre doing the same studying I am at the moment! What I can see that doesn't look right with yours is that the ears are to high. The top of the ear should be on the eye line and the bottom of the ear on the nose line.

  4. You are right. I think I will make myself a poster, wrapping up all the important stuff and measurements. Then I print it and pin it over my desk. ^^