Sunday, July 3, 2011

Works in public - Bionic exhibition

Last thursday the new exhibition about bionic started in the museum of natural history here in Muenster - and I was there. I was invited to the grand opening because I made a couple of works that are now published. *yey* ^^
It was a lot of fun and a great experience working together with the nice people from the museum and I would be happy to see them again on future works.

Dr. Jan Ole Kriegs (left) guided us through the exhibition, the entrance was made up in a really interesting way, starting to explain what bionic is in a way that attract children as well as adults. I am so glad they didnt build such an awful oldschool exhibition. ^^ The bear trys to sell a rake as his invention by sticking some claws at it, but the secretary (bird) doesnt buy it. ;)

Going through all different kind of bionical aspects, there is a 4m tall modell of the eiffel tower, showing the way light bones are constructed and used in buildings, temperature isolation with polar bears many others and a big part about the history of flying and how nature influenced it.
I made a big part of the illustrations there.

The bee illustration is in another of my works it is located in an area, that is more about robots, insects and communication in a hive. The 2nd picture is the goldpiece of the exhibition: Mercedes was so generous as to lend the worlds only bionic car to the museum for a full year and that thing looks good. ;)
Then there is a room about nature and how it can improve artificial limbs, implants and medical science, together with a really well done human ... puppet? Its so well done, its more like a piece of art. Done by Lisa B├╝scher. Check out her stuff, its insane!

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