Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr Meatbag

Hello everybody,

lately I was focussing on finding out what exactly went wrong with my pictures. What did I do that they dont look like I wanted them to do ?

Impatience is one reason. I try to rush, I want to be faster than I am, which only results in frustration, because it usually doesnt work with one shot.

Part2: Edges ! There is this great blog entry about edges and how they should be "designed" to increase focus and depth in your pictures. My awareness of that was close to zero at that point.

Concept art org is a great source for tutorials:

Something from James Gurney:

And this blog by Stapleton Kearns about edges (there are more parts after this)

Part3: Shapes. Breaking down the volume in geometric shapes and be consequent in using the light and the right values on them.

So this is the result of my effort: Mr meatbag. I combined the new knowledge with my first study of back muscles. ^^ The light direction is still a little inconsistent, but that will come.
By the way the two spheres are identical. I was so fascinated of how much they seem to differ that I decided to let them stay in.

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