Friday, September 16, 2011

Color practice

I was wondering how accurate the results of a color field are when you use a grey scale, clone it and put pure color over it on a "color-mode" layer. Actually it seems to be pretty accurate.
At least in full croma colors. Might test some more in the greys and if it is better than the multiply method.

But you should know one or two things about a color in terms of croma/saturation and the value.

The purest version of a color is always placed in the upper right corner of the color picker in PS.
Thats very misleading, and may make you think that you just move to color mover and get a blue that has exactly the same value as a red on the same spot, but thats wrong. The best example for this are a pure yellow and a pure blue, everyone can see that the pure blue is way darker but in the color picker its still on the exact same spot.
(you can see the purest colors on the swatch moving up and down the grey scale)

Another important thing to know about the color picker:
Pick a full saturated color and try to get a grey of the same value. Because of the way the color picker is designed it may appear, as if you just have to move in a diagonal line to the lower left corner, but that doesnt work. Moving to the upper left brings the pure color to white, to the lower right to black, but the point in the lower left is black too , so you wont get a pure grey (which are only on the left edge of the color picker) of the same value as the pure color on this diagonal line.

If both lower corners are black, then whats the difference? The saturation!
When you stay at the right side it will keep the saturation while becoming darker. Moving to the lower left makes it darker as well, but the saturation gets lost the closer you move to black.

This shows the difference pretty well:

So far, I hope this helps the one or two guys out there.

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