Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soul Reaper

Working on my portfolio. Combined with the weekly activities on concept art and CG society. Both have a great community.

So here is a weapon design:

Topic: Soul Reaper
Based on a scythe
Useable for a kind of video game
Hero or villain

I imagined this one as scythe you could use while playing Charon (the fairy man of the dead in greek mythology) in some kind of action adaption. The candles show the lost souls the right way.

Here some WIPs.
I like the "Companion" idea too. There it would be more of a puppet, a kind of talking weapon that can rise his one arm to get ready for combat.
The "Enslaver" is nice as well, but the candle idea had the most impact, so I went with that one.

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  1. I just love how this looks and it makes so much sense with Charon