Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Troll portrait

Im back from the games fair in Essen where I was occupying a table and showing my works.
It was a nice experience for once, not running from one publisher to another but just sitting there and getting nice feedback from the visiters, pumping up my self confidence ^^

One of the best things that happened, besides meeting old friends, was a short visit of a man who worked at the Uni in Essen who was able to give me a really good feedback on my works... I never got anything close to that from my Illustration prof. It was about negative space and composition. I will make studies and post something more detailed about that at a later time.

Here a little piece I did during the days. I really didnt care about it until the basic things where done and it seems that kept a lot of the sketchy and painterly look.
I like it.

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  1. Die ausgearbeitete Trollversion ist spitze! Cooler abgedrehter Chara!

    Bin gespannt, was Du für Tipps erhalten hast. Zum Thema Komposition könnt ich auch gern noch einiges erfahren! :D

    Viele Grüße,