Monday, November 7, 2011

Character and creature design

Currently I am working on a portfolio for animation studios.
Doing characters and creature designs is a lot of fun, so I will at least give it a try.
Obviously influenced by the great art for Kungfu panda or How to train your dragon. (If you havent' seen both movies, do it right now!) The artbooks to those movies are pure candy.

The stile of those designs is aldready pretty close to my sketching stile, but offered a nice idea I havent thought about: If you try to design a character, do it monochrome, why bothering with colors ? The design should already work without them.

I took some time and made 3 sheets to show a possible working process.
1-Study animals
2- Find a design
3- Pin that design down

Because this toadmonster was meant for a childrens' book, it wasnt supposed to be super scary but more funny looking, without being too close to a real toad, but still showing some resemblence.
The sheet of the dwarf boy is obviously weaker than my animal stuff. I should do more.

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  1. awesome great studies! I need to draw animals more also :)