Saturday, November 26, 2011


Again, Warcraft, this time the big Nemesis of the orcs and founder of the horde:
The first Warlock: Gul'dan.

I wanted to do this piece as a digital lineart to see how this goes. Its kinda ok I guess, but a traditional lineart still feels way more natural.
These are 2 versions, the first one is the complete piece, the other has one layer with the very fine lines and most details deactivated, which gives him a very light and somwhoe Frazetta like feeling.
I like it, tell me what you think.

EDIT: After some Frank Frazetta studies I made the colored version. I would like to try to adapt the simplicity in his shapes into my own stile and maybe a notch of the coloring, though I dont want to copy him directly. This piece was a nice practice, it told me a few new thing on rendering and edges.


  1. Hoi Markus, wieder sehr cool geworden. Respekt! Volker

  2. Very nice piece, congrats, the illumination is perfect