Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brown Paper !

Hi everyone,
sorry for the growing delay between my last posts.  Some illustration jobs and a part time job are taking its time.

Recently I drove to my local art supply store and finally bought a big block of brown paper together with some additional white pencils. And I am really digging this sketching method, I saw it before used by different artists like Justin Gerard or Donato Giancola.
Its so great because you start with a middletone and can go to dark or white easily, compared to a regular white paper.

Over the last weeks I started to move away some more from the attempt to paint realistic. The deformed stile - sometimes more comic like, sometimes more fantasy- seems to go way easier with my personal stile.

 So here are some recent sketching sessions in a caffee.

 Some funny sketches - I thought about making T-shirt prints of some of those. ^^

And some fantasy pieces. A dwarf in a snowy hillside

And some layout sketches for a personal piece: Eowyn and the Nazgul (Lord of the rings). The 3 in the upper right corner are quick studies of other versions of this book sequence. Personally I think I would go with the 1st piece, though #3 in the lower left corner looks neat too. The way every pointy thing is directed against Eowyn....

This last piece is for my portfolio. Its a Dungeons and dragongs related character. A city guard/ soldier. There were a couple of example pictures for the culture he lives in. A mix between russian, inuit, native indian and some asian elements. A lot of fur/ leather in the clothing and axes as the only visualized weapon.


  1. Some great work! When you do fantasy, your style really shines. Like on the Dwarf and Guard images. Although ... I would buy a Kampftaucher or Kaeuzli T-Shirt in an instant. Pure classic!

    In regards to the Nazgul & Eowyn ... the first one looks really nice. The Witch King & steed may use up most of the space, but think the viewer will associate with her much more. Good opportunity to show the fear & courage on her face. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Nicolay, your fantasy work looks really good. And your designs are very nice!