Thursday, September 27, 2012

Air elemental designs

And hello again.
After I did the earth elemental water color piece, I decided that iz would be a good idea to make more of them. A week ago I started painting a fire elemental in oil on very thick paper board. But that might take a while to finnish. ^^

So in the meanwhile, some air elemental studies and designs.

Feel free to tell me which one you like the most.
Therefore they are all numbered.

Earth elementals are the most unique in design, as they are the only "solid" ones, but the others are a little difficult to do. They all are very lifely and fluid in naure and therefore simmilar.
Drawing a current of air, can look like a flame or a wave of water really easily.

 Numer 1 is one of my personal favorites. Indicating air and the feeling of flying, floating and "nothingness" by letting the viewer see through and inside the elemental. The 2nd one is simmilar but uses some orbs as actual flying objects to connect with the air and flying theme.

Numer 3 and 4: Funny story, they were actually born from the exact same thumbnail, it was just turned around by 180°. Of course in the detailing process a lot of stuff was added. The circle shaped hole kina referrs to the eye of the storm.

This one is more of a cloud or smoke elemental. Different but still a possibility. I like this version of a storm eye. ^^

 And the last one. This was one of the first good thumbnails. The idea was to give him a tornado like body with just some chains and claws going through it, simmilar to bones. The flying stones indicate speed and if you want you can see some eyes in there too. ;)

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  1. Ooooh, they all look so awesome! I love them on the colored paper. I like #3 and #6 a lot, though, less bulky and more wispy.