Saturday, September 8, 2012

Earth elemental

Hi everyone. Because of a job that took a little longer then what I expected I couldnt load up a lot of stuff.
Well, now I am back and to make up for the long waiting time here is a nice watercolor I just did.

In my Weekly Dungeons and dragons group I started a new character, a dwarfen druid with a focus on the earth. (I defiantely will make one picture of him too)
His companion is an earth elemental which I decided to paint.

Usually the other elements are cooler, like fire or water, but somehow the stony structure and the weight and strength it implies really started to fascinate me. When you finally got the right method and feeling to draw stones and rock its a lot of fun. Stones can be so rich in colors not to mention all the different types and crystals. Round, pointy, sharp, edged, filigrane, crystal or gigantic boulder ...

So here some sketches, a color test and the final piece.

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