Friday, September 21, 2012

Whale exhibition - museum of natural history muenster

Yesterday, the great new exhibition about whales finally started in the museum of natural history in Muenster. I am working together with the museum for quite some time now and again I was able to add a couple of pieces to this exhibition.
Everybody who took part in this exhibition was invited, so it was quite the crowd. We started in the hall usually used as a planetarium, where a speech was held, a lot of thanks were given and from where we finally started through the exhibition. Of course I made a series of fotos during the evening - my first chance to test out my new camera. *YES* finally some good fotos!

After that I raided the buffet.

So lets have a look at what it looks like:

The great entrance. Time to make a big impression. A gigantic skeleton over an even bigger jaw of a blue whale. The small skeleton at the left is a porpoise (germ. "Schweinswal") The presentation board in the back is one of my works. I made a series of "funny looking" boards, for each sub area/ topic of the exhibition. A total of 9 boards. I will load those up later, as I wasnt able to make good fotos of every piece. Sorry. ^^

The entrance hall from the other direction. You can see the great skeleton in the far background. the glowing shilouette at the ceiling shows the size of a blue whale.

One of my boards, the topic for this one is whales and to which animals they are related to.

The next area: The evolution of whales, showing some nice prehistory skeletons. 
And onf of my boards of course.

It continous with a wide variety of topics, feeding, different species, a spermwhale and an orca skeleton...

A nicely done river dolphin, a life size whale mouth, more about family bonds, 
communication and reproduction

The glowing red part about the insides of a whale. The highlight here is a life-size heart of a blue whale.

 The last areas are about whale hunting, endangered species, polluted water and all that nasty stuff. Showing the history of whale hunting, how it affects the populations, what was made of them....

Everyone who is interested in this topic, feel free to visit the museum. Its worth it. ;)

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