Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shadowrun Illustrations

The games fair in Essen is over, at least for me and I can finally show you some of the works I did for the Shadowrun series. (Pegasus games)

Will be released in
„Reisef├╝hrer in die deutschen Schatten“ ("Travelling guide into the german shadows")

The fair was really nice, I visited as many publishers as I could, although it was a rush and I didnt make any appointments beforehand. I still got to show my works in most of the cases and got a lot of positive feedback. Now the digital portfolio has to be prepared again, send to everybody interested and then I will have to wait for job opportunities. But I am optimistic. Until then I will do more traditional stuff - watercolors and oil.

Now for the shadowrun illustrations:
All done in with pencil, scanned and "colored" in Photoshop. SizeDINA5

 Neo Goths in Leipzig using magic.

 This one was fun as I was told to come up with a story idea on my own. So here is the ratman!

 This one is my favorite, a professor trying to teach a troll about magic and difficult stuff. Maybe they cant be taught afterall? ^^

 Walpurgisnight on the witchhill.

Some guys robbing a train. And dont worry, there is a 3rd one driving the jeep.

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