Friday, November 16, 2012

Pathfinder - Feiya

Hi everyone.
Recently I am trying to go back to use more traditional media again. Using watercolos and even oils is a lot of fun and remembers me of how much I have still to learn about colors.
And that you can never stop practicing... recently I was pretty down and didnt do much, but I will try hard to get up on my feet to finally make a step and get to the "good" clients.

The game fair in Essen felt very good to me, as I recieved lots of positive feedback from the publishers and game authors.

I am still in the process of redoing and sending all the portfolios. I want to do some illustrations of historical events, as there seem to be a lot of games that use more or less realistic (and historical correct) pictures of that kind.

But for now I am doing another thing: PATHFINDER
Since the RPC I wanted to add at least one colored and detailed picture of one of the iconics to my portfolio, in hope for some jobs. And FINALLY its done!
At the same time I am working on a colored piece in oil for pathfinder, although that is more of a "get used to oil" piece.

So far: Feiya: The witch with the fox in watercolors.
If I have anything you can call a stile, then its this kind of focus that works really well in linearts/bw or in pieces without a background.


  1. Really lovely, I am enjoying your pathfinder work, the style is so elegant yet such a bold character