Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rome - watercolors

recently I was working on some watercolor pieces whith realistic motives. In this case I needed something historical, as a lot of board games use medieval or other historical themes, topics or motives.
Therefore I thought it wouldnt hurt to have some of those in my pocket.

Here we go:
A legionnair
I had to find some good reference material first. Its always a big help if you know more about your motive then only how it looks. in this case I used some videos on youtube, where a "Roman" visited a school class and showed them a lot about the armor, tactics and weapons. It was a great insight and helped a lot.
Knowing how the armor was build and put on, how the sword is fixed to the gurdle, why it is at that spot and so on.


And some Romans - a senator, a wealthy woman and a worker

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