Monday, December 10, 2012

Warcraft cards ! Finally

Finally I can show you some of the cards I did for the warcraft TCG !

There is a nice story behind this.
I wanted to make some good fanarts so that I can send a portfolio to Blizzard. Nerzhul was always a character who fascinated me, he has such a strong influence on the warcraft history that I was wondering why there are as good as none pictures of him. Only the really old concept design from Warcraft 1 or 2.

And so I made these 3 pictures:

Just when I was ready and started to prepare my pdf portfolio I got a message from the art director of the TCG. OoO It seems he somehow saw my fanarts on deviantart and wrote me first. ^^

Working together with David Baron was great as he actually has some knowledge on art himself and gives reasonable feedback and critics.

And here some results:  
Ner'zhul - the print turned out great and looks awesome with the holocraphic effect on the background and his eyes.

Mulgore Guardian: This one was tricky. I had some problems getting the depth effect and the colors right.

Drom'kor - Timewallker Necrolyte - To my surprise, the magical effects came to be the most difficult part.

I made more pictures, but it seems not all have been printed or used. I will if I can show those too.

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