Monday, February 4, 2013

Fire elemental in oil

Finally, my first oil painting.
An interesting media and my respect for artists that can put it to great use grew a lot.
Fascinating what you can do with it, it dries really slowly, which I find somewhat relaxing compared to whatercolors or acrylics.
The colors react differently, depending on all sorts of factors, is it an opaque color or transparent, did you mix anything into it, in which state of drying is the color, mixing on the palet vs mixing on the painting.

By the way I painted this one on the back of a watercolor block, those boards are usually really thick. Some layers of gesso over it and it was ready to go. A lot of artists in america use masonit, which is pretty unknown here in germany. (In the US they make car plates, scateboards and some guitars out of it- if I am not mistaken ^^) The closest I could find here was a special type of compressed wood.

So for now, a fire elemental. Digitalizing those is a pain and although I overworked it in PS, it still looks kinda dirty.

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