Saturday, February 9, 2013

League of Legends

Yes, I am playing League of legends. And there was this nice fanart contest where you can win a Wacom cintique !!! *drool*
What else is there to say, I just HAD to paint something.

The topic was the "Season 3" patch, where a lot of stuff was changed, new items, champions and stuff like that. They wanted a picture that shows one or more champions and how they prepare for the upcoming changes. At least one new item had to be included.

So here is my humble piece, the dragon lady Shyvana, one of my personal favorites, with the new "Machete".

For those who dont play Lol: There is this area called the jungle, where you can farm exp and gold from monsters, and those got a lot stronger in S3. Terefore I made up this training camp.

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