Monday, March 4, 2013

Art order challenge - Dragons

Hi there everyone,

since the relaunch of the art order website, there has been a rather short number of art order challenges so far. The latest was about dragons, to be more specific more about dragons and how they influence the society, the surrounding or how others interact with them.

The topics are of a wide range: from book, editorial, covers to concept art.
And as your works might get seen/ get some nice feedback - I thougt I should take that challenge to push myself further.

The idea:
Dragons do exist. By that they got worshipped by humanity as god like creatures and therefore replacing the christian or other religions by some sort of dragon cult. (Sounds logical to me)
Today the united nations meet at the great dragon council hall to do discuss the worlds topics, with them is the elder dragon, a colossal ancient creature that guides humanity with his wisdom and knowledge.

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