Tuesday, July 9, 2013

World of Warcraft - Trading cards

Hello everyone.

Its been almost 2 years since my first works for Blizzard's World of Warcraft cardgame and last week I finally recieved a small package with the realeased prints.

For some reason the customs office didnt send it to me directly,  like they did the last time, but instead send me a letter telling me that I should come and get it in person, because the "bill" is missing or something like that. Now how could that be?.... Maybe because I didnt BUY the cards in the first place ?

Oh well, the office wasnt too far away and so I just drove there and explained everything.
I left the office after 1 minute.

Some of the cards have shiny special print effects that look especially good with brighter colors like yellow and orange.
 Hand of Retribution
Beautiful holo effect on this one.
 Blood Knight Lynesta

 Myro Lumnastis
Fire dominated pictures are always a little tricky. To make the fire glow you are forced to darken the rest of the piece. And usually the red and orange light makes it really hard to recognize any other color.

 Flamesoul Weapon

 Soul Binding
Interior scenes are tricky as you have to zoom out more then usual to really see the surroundings.

Shattering Strike
This piece gave me the most trouble. The weapon is extremely big ingame, but Blizzard wanted both the weapon and the character to be as big as possible on the illustration while keeping the ingame proportions. 
I dont remember how often I worked over this piece. ^^

For everyone who is interested, I loaded up some WIPS on my CGHub account:
Feel free to check it out.

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