Friday, August 16, 2013

D&D Group characters

After I did the concept sketches for some D&D creatures back then, it was only a matter of time until I would paint the characters for my group. I once made some pencils sketches with monochrome watercolo over it, but that was really rough and I wanted to push myself in my weak zone: Using colors to paint armor and skin. What better chance could there be then my D&D group ?

It took quite some time to get these done as I was busy with some client work.
I could still nitpick on some part, but I think I made a big progess, so I am happy with how they turned out.

I once played a dwarfen fighter, but it was only for a rather short time, so I didnt paint him as well. Maybe I will paint some of my characters as well. I always wanted to be a Beguiler ;)

Raja the Barbarina ;) She was once critted by an arrow shot, that accidentialy hit her.

Nefle Reigam - The wizard from Silverymoon aka the destroyer of worlds and soooo full of himself. 

Therun - The wood elve druid with an alerting high death toll on her companien history.

Livia - The war cleric and conscience of the group. The one reason why they dont raid and plunder cities.

Elster - A Ranger/ Rogue mix with suicidal intensions from time to time.

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