Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Roleplay group

D&D and roleplaying in general is a great source for storys and art ideas. Character and creature design in particular. Creating the character is one of the most fun parts in such games.
And as me and my friends just started a new  adventure group I had the great pleasure to illustrate them.

From the left: Karpak - a Draconian - we are not sure HOW evil he is yet or what he is going to be once he can pick a class.
The small ones: Mara Shadowfeather - a Gnome Beguiler on the search to find ways to manipulate and expend the mind.
Etani Firehair - A Kender Rogue - though said to be playfull and good she steals and kills more then anybody else.
Targanon (human) - Recently left the Knights of Neraka. He plans to bring them back to a more strict and lawful way if possible.
At the right: Lord Elodriel Sunray - An elvish sorcerer who is as gay as the night is black
In the back: Malmator - A monk/fighter minotaur with focus on grapping and crushing his opponent's skull.

Have fun.
I thought about doing these as commisions.

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