Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whale exhibition - museum of natural history Muenster

And I am back with more illustration boards for the museum of natural history in Muenster.
This time a job for the exhibition about whales.

This was a really nice project. At first I designed a small whale maskot to use on the following big boards that introduce each of the exhibitions parts and topics.
They asked for a children oriented and funny looking stile, which I feel really comfotable with.

As a note: Of course there is usually text under or inside the illustrations. but I cut it down to the picture for presenting it here. Some of them are wider or taller as well, but as its mostly empty space for text it didnt read too well when posted on a blog. So now you can zoom in some more instead.

Different topics: Big and small, travelling, ancestors and relatives, anatomy, food and other whales, family, pollution and whale hunting.

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  1. Die Illus gefallen mir sehr gut :) die Tiere sehen alle so witzig und fröhlich aus. Wirklich eine sehr schöne Umsetzung.