Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Black mage at the tower

A black mage? A mindbender, shadowweaver or nightmare spinner?
Sitting on a tower practicing her dark arts over a city maybe?

I wanted to push myself further by tackeling my big problem zones: Night scenes and limited palettes. Basically, I believe that you can hardly paint a "real" night scene as a good illustration or at least not exactly the way you would see it in reality.
You always have to make some parts lighter then they would usually appear to be or the picture becomes too hard to read. Same for colors, in a dark scnerery most colors move to a greyish version of themselfs, which isnt really appealing on a picture.

So here, the final version and the step by step process:
Thanks to team awesome for good feedback and nice help:

  Lineart and basic color palette

Getting an idea of the light situation

Didnt like the reflected moon in the window, because of the rectangle between the dark sphere, her heard and the lizzard's head. Experimenting with the background.

Finally getting good references, worked over the face and parts of her body. More light behind her head and on her chest.

Adding magic and more colors.

Spreading the magenta into more parts of the picture, more highlights and a foreground element for more depth. 

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  1. Amazing, and cool to take like a reference about how to start a paint!