Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forsaken Bastion's Fall - Loading screen

Today the Warcraft 3 mod "Forsaken Bastion's fall" goes online.
You can check the mod here, its a champion based mod.

I made some works for them, but the best is the loading screen.
The briefing looked like this: A tauren chieftain fights an abomination. 2 other champions fight in the background, the entire scene is a battlefield on a graveyard like undead place with a way leading up to a building on top of a hill.

Warcraft already has some really nice fight scene illustrations, but they have a big difference to this one: They tend to show the smaller, more agile races, so that they can jump around in fancy poses.
Obviously a tauren wont jump around - maybe he could, but it would look awkward, the abomination is even less likely to make a jump, I mean, just look at the visual weight of this monster.
So both are big, chunky, heavy looking characters which have to be shown in an interesting fighting pose. That gave me some trouble and took a lot of thumbnails.

The color had some trickery up it's sleeve as well.
While the entire scene is dominated by dark tones and a blue/ greenish light, the tauren chieftain in the mod wears a dark brown-red fure. Red to green makes a pretty hard contrast and with a rather weak light in mind I had to figure out a way first to make both characters read well.

And so I did what a lot of artists do and added another light source. To my surprise it doesnt really matter much if there is obviously another light on the scene as long as it looks believable in some way.

Once the two pairs of champions were finnished, it became rather easy.

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