Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lord of the rings - Glaurung

Hello again,
today I can show you the process of my very first Lord of the rings piece.
After I saw Smaug in the last Hobbit movie, I caught a dragon fan fever and wanted to paint and design one myself.

Most illustrations of dragons in the Lord of the rings mythology are rather classically shaped and I love how they returned to that with Smaug. Ever since Emmerich's Zilla movie, all dragons and lizards suddenly had really strange jaw lines and head shapes, so I am glad that he looks the way he does (Not to mention the facial expressions and voice).

This piece sort of inspired me: Glaurung, by John Howe.
The idea of a black dragon, crawling over the ground was interesting, but in the illustration he is just way too small for my taste.

Starting with that I created my own take on it.

I am planning to make some of my pictures available as posters. And this will be one of them.

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