Thursday, January 2, 2014

Magic the gathering - Mindbender

One more right away. A similar idea as the last piece, but as a fictional Magic the gathering card.
Took me around 2 days from first thumbnail sketches to finnish.

The mindbender - obviously a blue card.

Thumbnails- My original idea was something king kong like, where the bender stand on the paw/hand of the creature. But that gave me a lot of trouble with the perspective and foreshorterning resulting in either high distortion or a bad angle so I made these 3 afterwards. 
#1 Looks dead, #2 is the one I went with although #3 has a creature that tries to fight back, which is interesting too.

Basic color sketch, mostly green and blue.

Better lineart with the same color layer on multiply.
Nice atmosphere, but for a small card print too hard to read.

Colors and details

New pose for the mage

More light for more contrast

Final touch.

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