Monday, April 14, 2014

RPC Cologne - Godzilla cards

And hello again everyone.Right now I am preparing for the RPC in cologne where I will sit for 2 days in the artists mile, together with a table, a chair and a lot of other great artists.
I am looking forward to see everybody again and wish everybody a great time.

In case you dont know: The RPC is the role play convention, it is held every year around the 10th and 11th of may.

Of course everybody is trying to sell some stuff, like postcards, prints and some special goods.
In this case I made a series of Chibi Godzilla (and some other movies) cards, available at my table if you can find me. Whats left after the con will be available online.
These are originals and no copies by the way.

Now I have to choose which pictures I will use as prints....

1- Mothra
2- Meltdown Godzilla
3- Destoroya
4- Mecha King Gidorah
5- Fun Godzilla
6- Anguirus
7- Evil Godzilla
8- King Kong
9- Meteor Man
10- Ebirah
11- Gidorah
12- Gorosaur
13- Gaborah
14- Baragon
15- Gigan
16- Gojira 52
17- Godzilla tower
18- Mecha Godzilla
19- Space Godzilla
20- Minya/ Godzilla Jr
21- Biolante
22- Megalon
23- Flying Godzilla
24- Tank Godzilla
25- Rodan
26- Gamera
27- Chtulhu
28- The Blob
29- Marshmallow man
30- ?? (Lets see who knows this one)

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