Monday, May 12, 2014

RPC 2014 - Sketches and aftermath

And I am back from the RPC in cologne.
It was an awesome weekend, lots of new and old faces, a lot to see and draw...
Anne Pogoda, Poul Dohle, Dietmar Krüger, Nele Klumpe, Reinhard Horst, Mia and Barbara Steingräber, Sarah Robinson and many more.

It was really inspiring and so I went to the local art store today to test some new papers and methods - I cant wait to get started.

The artists corner was a little bit too much off the way though, behind other walls and tables, so we didnt have as much traffic there as most of the artists hoped. Maybe we can contact the manager so that we get a better place next year.

For now I can show you the sketches and drawings I made over the weekend.

By the way, I have still some of the Godzilla cards left and will continue to sell the originals on Deviant art :


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