Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Godzilla Watercolor

And hello again dear reader community, thank you for checking in once more.
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As a nerdy Godzilla fan, I always wanted to have a Godzilla poster, but I never really got one.
Its not that there arent any good ones, I really love the one from Godzilla '84, but some of them are hard to come by and why should you buy one if you could make one yourself ?

And so I finally took some time and started painting my own.
Since I started the watercolors again, I realized that I just need to be a bit more patient in the beginning of the process. REALLY make sure that you know how the piece will look like and dont start the next step befor you are happy with every part. For example: For the dwarfen merchant piece from last week I totally butchered the bear during the initial sketches and had to make a series of bear studies befor he turned out right. Same with this one.

1st step: Thumbnails, until you find a good idea to start from
I didnt document that step here.

On to the pictures: #1 and #2 are some studies on brown paper to test some ideas and proportions.

Next we go digital and make some color sketches.

Then we go back on the big baper and draw it in detail, then mounting it and using some yellow ochres to bring in the basic shadows.

Then adding colors. In this case red, orange and brown colors, as I already knew where this would go in the later phase.

And there we are, going digital and kicking in the values and saturation.
I hope you like it.I made 2 versions of this, the monochrome version and another one with some blues and greys in it.

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