Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pathfinder - Lem and Lini

This week I was finalising an old sketch I had made a while back in 2012
I always liked the sketch, but never really got to realize it until now.

It is a test illustration I did, to see how my new style would work on Paizo's pathfinder characters.
In this case Lem and Lini, sitting together in the woods, while Lem plays his flute.

 The usual base work in watercolors

 The base colorwork, I made a colored sketch beforehand, so I had an idea of how the light situation was going to be, but it was a bit too rough and therefore resulted in some trouble during the later stages.

Better light situation, but the shadows turned out a bit too dark, which could cause trouble when printing.

 And done. 

Compared to the usual Covers from Paizo, its more saturated and colorfull.
The art of Steve Prescott is very nice. It has a stylized charm with strong lines and shapes.
This is probably my favorite piece, the edged shapes on the dragon, the highlight lines and the simplified shapes on the characters, to blend out unnecessary details - Really nice.

On to the next piece, for more practice.

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