Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gouache - Mara Shadowfeather

Hello again,
time for another traditionally done piece, trying to achieve a more finnished painting even without a lot of digital rework. I had the works of Stephe Prescott in mind, he works in acrylics - I never had much love for acrylics, they just dry so quickly - I guess there are methods to partially deal with that, like using a wet pallet or maybe a drying medium.

And then there is oil, a medium I rarely experiment with from time to time, but since I lack an extra room with a window, I really dont enjoy it because of the smell. But I really admire all those who manage to work with it, James Gurney, Gregory Manchess (my personal favorite) and Donato Giancola come to mind, all great artists.

And what I used:
Gouache - is a medium with which you can achieve very similar results as what you can do with acrylics, but it is water based. After using it for quite some time now, I can tell that there are some significant differences when handling Gouache.

Gouache becomes lighter in value when it dries, Acrylics stay more or less the same as what you mixed beforehand.
And Gouache never completely sticks to the surface, even after it dried, you can always rub it off again to some extend with a brush and water. This is handy on your color pallett, even after it dried you can almost always use it again, while acrylics become hard as a rubber ball.
On the picture it can be a problem as you dont want to rub off the color you put on already, therefore to paint over a layer, you should use almost no water, not too much pressure and a lot of color.

I am happy with the result for now, but I want to achieve a more painterly and unified look in the future.

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