Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fun Park - app illustrations

Hello my dear readers,

today I can present to you some works I did for the game/story app "Fun park".
Its a new concept to control and combine a traditional train toy with a modern app to tell a story and control the trains. It was a great job and a lot of fun to work together with the team.

The company who made this is Roco/ Next generation:

My works for the app consist of characters and backgrounds as well as prints. Those prints are available as linearts to colour yourself or precoloured, followed by cutting, glueing and combining with the toy itself.

Those are available as a download on the homepage: http://www.nextgeneration.eu/Downloads/Bastelboegen

Here are some of the backgrounds, but not all, as well as most of the characters and some of the emotes available.

Have fun and happy holidays to you all.

A cardgame, fitting one of the park attractions

The first row of characters, to the left Mark, our main character, followed by some members of the Park's staff.

The 2 greedy businessmen and the journalist, who gets sick after a ride in the ghost house.

The director with some emotes.

The gentle giant Ralf and a family visiting the park.

A federal investigator, Nermin and her son Ibo as well as a truck driver.

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