Monday, December 1, 2014

League of Legends - Fall of Demacia

For the League of legends art contest.
This was a nice challenge for me and made me push myself a bit further again.

The champion is the undead king Sion, bringing destruction over his enemys, the noble nation of Demacia.

Here are some WIP shots. I started with a different idea in my mind, but during the sketching phase I couldnt really make it work how I imagined it and I noticed some flaws I couldnt remove without changing a lot of the sketch. And so I took a step back again when stuck and start a new one. This one had a lot of inspiration from Frazetta's composition and stile. Although the stile pretty much washed away over the time I worked on it. ^^

Although I liked the flair it had some big issues. Sion is holding the king of Demacia with one hand, but the way I imagined it, we wouldnt be able to see his face, but turning him around would make no sense either.

At this point I started to work a lot more on the focus aspect of the picture. Overall not enough focus on his head, where we are supposed to look first so I put the sun behind him, which shifted the primary lightsource behind him instead of the front. The tip parts of the axe where the light hits had too much contrast and had to be toned down as well.

This last step was important as I realized that the front view on the chest looked boring and that the belt had some issues as well. The way the legs interacted with the rocks looked like a flat paper mountain too. When you realize stuff like this it always hurts a bit to redo things you already spent time on. But leaving it when you know its wrong would be much worse - not to mention unprofessional.

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