Friday, March 20, 2015

Sketchweek 4

And another week worth of sketches.
My goal is to get more routine into my work flow and practice rendering soft gradient and edges, as that feels as if its still a problem to me.
My faces are becoming better, but I will keep painting them.

Faces from photo refs, but abstracted a bit in terms of shape and colour.

My comfort zone

Trying a more realistic light... but halfway through I changed my mind and now its stuck in between. ^^

More characters, the one in the bottom left is a take on the Hellion from Darkest Dungeon.

This was difficult and showed me, that I have to practice the neck and how it sits on the body.

Focus on the flow and body movement.

More faces, trying to do it faster.

And another study, controlling soft edges will be another topic.

And more characters.

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