Friday, March 27, 2015

Sketchweek 5

Welcome back, I am home from a 1 day train travel to a small city near cologne and I am finally getting rid of a pesky cold i was fighting with over the last week.

This weeks sketches:

This first character started as a fanart to Blizzards "Overwatch". I like the Gorilla character, simply because I like animals ;) But I wasnt in the mood to just paint the existing character and therefore I changed the plan a bit and created another monkey character concept. Only rule was that he has to look good enough to be part of the game.

I used this to mix last weeks lineart practice with an easy color method.

Light ond geometrical forms, from a 3d render ref.

Speheres and quick tests about values and edges.

Its about time I start practicing landscapes

Scenery/mood board - Why are forests so hard to paint?

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