Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sketchweek 6

This week I started to work on one of my most hated areas: Environements.
Grass and plants in the front as well as mountains, water or trees in the distance.
It is a lot to practice, but I have to start somewhere.

So here we go:

 Some greyscales from imagination. #1 looks good, #2 improved my feeling for values in shadows a bit, although the lack of perspective gives it a strange mood. 

 A color sketch, trying to use brushes for paint like effects and abstacting textures in grass and trees.

 More greyscales, better then the first set, #2 gave me lots of trouble and the last one is a study from the "Hotel Transylvania" artbook.

 Trying harder to bring it all together.

 I like how the 3dim. form came together on the body and I like how the rough shapes in the back worked out.

And a study from a photo. Using different brushes to get a better understanding for objects in the distance and water.... oh cursed water.

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